Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love

I need to apply this to myself, no matter what the costs, no matter what the ideas about “practicality”. I do not know everything about meditation because I do not think I have deciphered the idea of silencing the mind. When I actually do nothing, I feel guilty for it, and then I feel stupid for feeling guilty about it because it makes no sense whatsoever to feel guilty about it. I do not know if I am ready for some sort of mind silencing technique just yet. Perhaps I may need more chaos to bring that about. Or maybe it is helpful to just take the preventative approach and try it just now.

I just find the importance in silence. I am naturally more of a talker, but I don’t feel silence is only important on a more obvious level. I cannot say I’m such an extrovert or such an introvert. I guess I am an extrovert in my need to be around people and to talk a lot, but an introvert in thinking too much about things and overanalyzing them. However, I feel more tortured by my introvert side, and perhaps it pours through in my extrovert sides. Years ago I could not have assessed this about myself and I just accepted that this was who I was. Being honest with oneself is not an easy thing to do, or accepting that there really are flaws that need to be worked on every day. It’s easy to slip back into my habits of mental chatter, and I have to constantly remind myself to just let go and stop having negative thoughts.
And eventually, I think I can live by this quote. When I silence my mind and keep negative thoughts out, I’m less distracted and able to just do the things I love.

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