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The Brown Girl Chronicles

This may be a “rant” post, and it may not be a “Motley” post perse, but I admit the way it is presented is both HILARIOUS and haunting. I felt the need to share this photo the minute I saw it shared on Facebook. I am sad and ashamed to say that I saw it posted from two relatives of mine. Either way, I apologize if this may be more of a serious “Motley Monday”.

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Gettin’ Nawaabi Wit’ It

Of course I met this guy on the streets of Lucknow and took a picture with Canon Sepia lighting! No, but forreal a picture on exhibition at the Sanatkada 2012 festival!

So, it has officially been about a little over a month since I arrived to Lucknow, and I have not really talked about what I have done thus far because sadly, I have not done too much sightseeing. I have this problem of not sightseeing too quickly when I know I will be in a place at least for a few months.  I actually decided to start my Lucknow journey by getting to see the “tehzeeb” (Urdu for culture).

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What would you put in a Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper for the Indian Moral Police?

Although I did not witness any moral policing in Lucknow – I definitely heard some stories. This is a great analysis on moral policing in general – not just in terms of V-day!

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

First, why does the Moral Police object to Valentine’s Day?

If young Indians meet freely they might start choosing who they want to marry or live with.

As more and more young Indians start choosing their life partners gradually it would become difficult to arrange marriages with dowries and matching horoscopes.

Gradually castes, age, religion, income, gender, obedience levels, ‘innocence levels’, macho levels, past relationships etc would become less important as criterion, and marriage would become a matter of choice, and not the only goal in every Indian’s life.

Then we would not hear jokes like ‘shaddi ka laddu jo khaye wo bhi pachtaaye, jo naa khaye wo bhi pachtaye‘ because with loosening of the hold of the moral police, young people would value life and happiness more than an institution.

Women would then be able to choose divorce over suicide, life long abuse or being burnt alive…

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A Glimpse of God’s Own Country

“God’s Own Country” is Kerala’s tourist catchphrase.  You see it everywhere when you walk into an airport or book some sort of visit to something.  Anyway, I only had about 4 days in God’s Own Country, and mostly stayed within the hills rather than the seaside (although I definitely hope to do that before I leave India).  I was still with my friend from Bombay and her family, and we tried to see if we were able to go to an island near Wyanad (the town we stayed in), but unfortunately it was closed off after some tourist deaths.

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A Moment in the Past

So, my last two major travels I did not have the best documenting, and this is certainly something I want to change this time.  On my first travels to Australia and Southeast Asia I wrote more about the former but not quite as much about the latter, and I wrote it way too casually, so sometimes it is embarrassing to share.  On my Middle East travels, I had put everything in my Blackberry, but sadly my blackberry was stolen (no, not while I was traveling).  It saddens me and still creeps me out that someone out there has that Blackberry.  Luckily I had a lock on it so all of the information should be completely deleted, but who knows someone may use that material for their book idea (kidding).

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Mumbai Meri Jaan

So, the first part of my journey to India was 2 weeks in Mumbai with one of my really good friends from undergrad. I admit this was the first time in my life that I felt such horrible jetlag. So, in all honesty, I spent those days being pampered with my friend’s mom’s dosas, chai, and yummy vegetarian treats. Finally on Day 4 we got ourselves out into the action of Mumbai. It was quite nice to hear my friend reminisce about her childhood days and meet all of her friends from grade school.

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