A Moment in the Past

So, my last two major travels I did not have the best documenting, and this is certainly something I want to change this time.  On my first travels to Australia and Southeast Asia I wrote more about the former but not quite as much about the latter, and I wrote it way too casually, so sometimes it is embarrassing to share.  On my Middle East travels, I had put everything in my Blackberry, but sadly my blackberry was stolen (no, not while I was traveling).  It saddens me and still creeps me out that someone out there has that Blackberry.  Luckily I had a lock on it so all of the information should be completely deleted, but who knows someone may use that material for their book idea (kidding).

So, in regards to the first travel, I read some of my old blog, and was extremely shocked at the way I sounded.  I sounded precisely like a silly 21 year old college kid ready to have a good time.  Many times, I have wanted to just delete the blog and pretend that I never took the time to write it, but something keeps me me from doing that.  That is actually how I feel about my Xanga too, but it’s great to see how I have done better with writing and have grown as a person

Perhaps it is interesting to see what my mindset was.  I was certainly still very sheltered and scared to do so much alone.  I was also still extremely immature.  I used to pretend to myself that somehow I was so mature and sometimes felt ahead of my age, but the thing is, I was not.  I did everything I could to live life to the fullest my last year of college and while studying abroad.  While I think to myself how I could have done more for my professional development, I hold not a drop of regret.

In the end, despite my embarrassment at some of the blog posts, here are some blog passages I enjoyed about my reflection on traveling at 21 years old:

“So I know travel blogs are all about throwing up all your pictures of all the incredible places you’ve seen, but frankly, I just can’t seem to get past all the incredible people I’ve met.  I think that’s the difference between studying abroad and just travelling.  I can’t believe how many great friendships I’ve made, and how, well, ‘global’ I feel.”

“…But between the rain, the outback animals, and my fun little walk down trails and looking out into horizons forever, I met a woman my mother’s age, and we just struck conversation.  She was such an interesting woman, and we just had a lot to talk about due to our commonality of a sociology major, and in general our views on life.  She told me a lot about her life experiences, about travelling.  And I thought, wow, I want to be as independent as this woman is.  I told her, and the funny thing is she told me not to be “too” independent (still not sure what that means) otherwise I’d end up alone like her.  Well, I’ll ponder that for another day.

Anyways, so the sun came out, and she was like screw your bus to the hostel, we can go around Alice Springs some more, take a light hike near the old telegraph post and catch a few wild kangaroos.  So, that’s what we did.  She had her friend’s car, so she just took me.  I was nowhere near scared, as she seemed quite harmless, so I hopped in.  It was honestly so unexpected, but I will never forget her.  For some reason I always meet the coolest older people.”

The one thing holds true for me in these passages and still holds true for me in every place I have traveled – the people.  The sites and the nature I have seen are great, but the people (even more than the photos) are what make all of the dream-like travel blessings so real.


One thought on “A Moment in the Past

  1. I love that your sharing with us! And you know…we all look back at when we were 21 and think “hmmmm”–but its the blessing of our journey, to be allowed that room for growth.
    I can relate to when you say it’s the people at the places you’ve been that have left you with an impression.
    LOL Miss Independent but not TOO INDEPENDEDNT…hahaha….When I get there I’ll tell you what I think too ….but perhaps there is blessing in knowing when you need a teammate and when it’s worth it to invest in that relationship ;)…I think we’ll know…but more power to moving forward and growing ….

    Thanks for sharing 


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