What would you put in a Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper for the Indian Moral Police?

Although I did not witness any moral policing in Lucknow – I definitely heard some stories. This is a great analysis on moral policing in general – not just in terms of V-day!

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

First, why does the Moral Police object to Valentine’s Day?

If young Indians meet freely they might start choosing who they want to marry or live with.

As more and more young Indians start choosing their life partners gradually it would become difficult to arrange marriages with dowries and matching horoscopes.

Gradually castes, age, religion, income, gender, obedience levels, ‘innocence levels’, macho levels, past relationships etc would become less important as criterion, and marriage would become a matter of choice, and not the only goal in every Indian’s life.

Then we would not hear jokes like ‘shaddi ka laddu jo khaye wo bhi pachtaaye, jo naa khaye wo bhi pachtaye‘ because with loosening of the hold of the moral police, young people would value life and happiness more than an institution.

Women would then be able to choose divorce over suicide, life long abuse or being burnt alive…

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