Some reflections inspired by my Banaras/Varanasi trip

The Brown Girl Chronicles

While being here in India and after going to more touristy places outside of Lucknow (namely Rajasthan and Varanasi), I find myself a bit taken aback by this concept of “finding oneself” in India. I will not lie, it makes me laugh inside when I see yoga billboard signs here in India with the face of a White person doing a pose, for instance. I also find myself giggling when seeing groups of stoned, dreadlocked, barefoot men and women follow a wonderfully business-minded Guru (see picture of my friend below who tried this out, only to find out that the Guru was not too down with the fact that we did not have real “non-student” cash to spare. Also, this is not how every Guru is. I am sure there are awesome ones too, so I have no intention to overgeneralize)

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