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I loved this article from Thought Catalog: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/44076315/posts/1037417230

“I want to never be committed to one place, one routine. I want to wake up with different sunrises and say goodnight to different moons. I want to find the magic, the mystery, the beauty in every difference.”

I go and I go not only to satiate my wanderlust, but to help to fuel and feed yours too.



Mexico, how did we never meet? Parte Dos: The D.F. & Guanjauato

True Story.
True Story.

I know I’m writing this post way later since my Mexico trip back in October 2015, but don’t they say that when we take all these photos, the chances of us going through them are very low?  Well, I am putting that to the test and finishing this blog post.  I promised a part 2 of my trip from October.  That part 2 stayed in my drafts, so I decided to finish it up.  Now that I’ve moved across the ocean again to South Asia, re-looking at this trip feels so different. Life is now back in the grind and is ready to move at a thousand miles.  I am excited about it, but yet another opportunity to slow down is something I relish.

Many people are usually either overwhelmed by or deeply in love with big cities.  I tend to be a faint heart in between.  The love points of a big city are the following:  some level of anonymity, different types of people, things to do constantly, and keeping a foot in a culture that strokes my pseudo-intellectual snob side.  At the same time big cities can also mean being so far removed from the rest of the country and people in which the city is located, feeling like a small fish in a big pond, cranky commuters, and long lines for everything “cool”.

Then, there are the small places.  The ones that present so much charm and potential because of their very sweet people and appreciation for all things local.  I talked about Morelia in my last post because I had a quick weekend there with a friend. I decided, therefore, to visit another small city in Central Mexico, Guanajuato, but for more time.  I also decided that since things were more laid back and there was not this looming pressure to see 50,000 museums, I could spend a week learning some basic Spanish.

I figured I would do something a bit more interesting in my two and a half weeks: visit one big city and one small city in Mexico.

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