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Incredible India, or rather, Imagined India

I have not travel posted in a while, and that may have been some laziness on my own part, but I will soon.  It will be just a series of posts looking at some travels I did  a few months ago.

But for today, because traveling is not all about the sites you see and the cool pictures you put up on Facebook, it is also about the transformations you go through emotionally and mentally.  Now, I am sure plenty are thinking, “Oh gosh, here goes the overseas Pakistani/Indian-American experience and how she’s so connected to her roots and culture now post-partition” post.  While some of that may be there, I promise not to bore you, readers.

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Some reflections inspired by my Banaras/Varanasi trip

The Brown Girl Chronicles

While being here in India and after going to more touristy places outside of Lucknow (namely Rajasthan and Varanasi), I find myself a bit taken aback by this concept of “finding oneself” in India. I will not lie, it makes me laugh inside when I see yoga billboard signs here in India with the face of a White person doing a pose, for instance. I also find myself giggling when seeing groups of stoned, dreadlocked, barefoot men and women follow a wonderfully business-minded Guru (see picture of my friend below who tried this out, only to find out that the Guru was not too down with the fact that we did not have real “non-student” cash to spare. Also, this is not how every Guru is. I am sure there are awesome ones too, so I have no intention to overgeneralize)

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Spring Break 2012: RAJASTHAN!!!

Trying to be a Mahrani pining away for some secret lover - sort of.

Okay, so while the title of my post seems a little (okay, very very very) silly, here is the story.  We are 4 American girls going into Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and the desert.  We figured while everyone is out on the beaches with white sand, our form of mid-semester break would be in the dry heat of the desert on camels.  Definitely not your typical American spring break indeed (admittingly, I’ve never done the stereotypical MTV-esque Spring Break).  Also, I would like to note that this trip was about 3 weeks ago, and while I should have reported on it earlier, I did keep some notes so I am going based off that.

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One of the posts I did for the blog I write for with 3 other lovely ladies – The Brown Girl Chronicles – be sure to check it out 🙂 wheatish.wordpress.com

The Brown Girl Chronicles

This may be a “rant” post, and it may not be a “Motley” post perse, but I admit the way it is presented is both HILARIOUS and haunting. I felt the need to share this photo the minute I saw it shared on Facebook. I am sad and ashamed to say that I saw it posted from two relatives of mine. Either way, I apologize if this may be more of a serious “Motley Monday”.

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